Who we are

The address of our website is: https://www.thinkinghorse.org

What personal data do we collect and why

Thinking Horse is an information website only. This site does not use cookies and we do not ask for or collect any personal data from our visitors.

Our web hosting service, World4You (www.world4you.com), generates web server log files when our website is accessed. These contain the website (URL), the browser and its version, the operating system used, the referrer URL (the previously visited page), Host name and IP address of the accessing computer, the time of the server request, and IP addresses that fall under personal data.

These are created for reasons of operational security, for the creation of access statistics, etc., In compliance with GDPR, these log files are stored for two weeks and then automatically deleted.

Embedded contentent from other websites

Articles on the Thinking Horse webiste may contain embedded content (such as videos, photos, links to other websites etc.). Embedded content from other websites performs in exactly the same was as if the visitor had visited the other website.

These websites may collect personal data, use cookies, include tracking services, and record your interaction with the embedded content on the Thinking Horse website if you are registered and logged in on the other website.

Contact information

If you contact us directly with questions or for advice, the data you supply (e-mail address etc) will be kept offline for the duration of the correspondence and then stored offline for our own records. If you wish this to be deleted, it will be done on request. This information will not be sold or shared in any form.