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These are links to some of our friends and colleagues around the world, as well as to people and organisations who have influenced Thinking Horse.


Elizabeth Haffner/Horsetrainingsolutions


Anne Beyerly/Horsetalk

Elizabeth, Anne and Kate are all students of Richard Thompson, whose extraordinary understanding of the horse's mind inspired us to become trainers in the same style.


Richard Thompson

The gifted and remarkable horse trainer whose teaching inspired Thinking Horse.


Buck Brannaman

Buck Brannaman is the man who set Richard on the path to better ways to work with horses, and who learned his skills from the men widely considered to be the fathers of modern natural horsemanship, Tom Dorrance, Bill Dorrance and Ray Hunt.


Centered Riding

Communicating better with your horse is not only about understanding how the horse thinks, it's also about learning to use your own body lightly and effectively from the saddle. Centered Riding, we feel, complements the principles of Thinking Horse perfectly.


Lodge Ropes

Our friends at Lodge Ropes offer great value, top quality equipment including the halters you see in the Thinking Horse DVD and photos.


Dr. Konstanze Krüger

Konstanze Krüger is one of Europe's very few dedicated equine behaviour researchers. Thanks to her help and encouragement we were able to publish our ground breaking study on visual laterality in horses, that is to say the differences in behaviour between the left and right sides of the horse. We are continuing to work together on a number of reseach projects.


The Open Acting Academy

Body language and a sense of how to express ourselves through posture and presence is integral to effective communication with horses. The courses offered at the Open Acting Academy offer anyone, whether or not they have theatrical aspirations, to learn how their feelings and ideas are conveyed through body language, and how we can develop techniques that will help us become more understandable and trustworthy to our horses. Unfortunately, these courses are only available in German at present, but we hope there will be English options available soon!

Online compeitions in dressage and much more - perfect for those with a taste for competition without the stress and expense of travelling to shows. Interdressage also offers detailed tips and advice from the judges to help improve your performance.


Aktivstall Mauerbach

Keeping horses in the best balance of natural management and modern comforts, and working to preserve Sorraia Mustangs.


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