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DVD & Booklet

The Thinking Horse DVD brings together over 20 simple exercises that will help you start building a more harmonious and understanding relationship with your horse in these key areas:


  • Establishing leadership
  • Getting and keeping your horse’s attention
  • Desensitising
  • Teaching the horse to move away from pressure
  • Preparing a young or nervous horse for the rider
  • Teaching the horse to stand still while you mount
  • Establishing control in the saddle
  • The “one-rein-stop”

It includes a handy booklet you can take with you to the stables with a summary of each exercise as a reminder when you have the horse in front of you, as well as an overview of the underlying theory.

The DVD shows the exercises as they should be, as well as some of the points to look out for and things that may go wrong along the way!





What people are saying :


Everyone who wants to work with a horse in harmony with the horse’s instincts needs to have this DVD and instruction manual. Well Done Kate! The world will be a better place for horses, thanks to you.

Richard Thompson, Horse Trainer, Quebec, Canada


I cannot recommend this dvd highly enough to anyone who anyone who wants learn about communication with horses and how to read and anticipate a horse's behaviour. Both as an introduction to equine behaviour for those wishing to learn from the beginning and for experienced riders who have come up through the traditional system and want to add to their understanding of horses.

Sue Tanzer, BHS Int Stable Manager


Loved this dvd... there is a lot in there. I appreciated that the 'student & horse" were not push button perfect as it made a good comparison on what a student should be looking for in the early attempts with the exercise..  So often the horses are perfect in DVD demos and it builds frustration with the viewer as their horse is never perfect, especially in the early days.

Rob Armstrong, Lodge Ropes, Australia


The DVD  “Thinking Horse” is an excellent manual for every day handling and ground working. It offers clear, easy to follow and precise instructions, and Kate Farmer supports her well grounded practice with her wide scientific knowledge in the field of equine behaviour and psychology.

Dr. Konstanze Krüger, biologist and professional horse trainer, University of Regensburg, Germany.


Thinking Horse is an excellent DVD. It helps both those who want to start communicating more sympathetically with their horse, and those already practising the principles of 'thinking horse'. The booklet accompanying the DVD is invaluable, and explains clearly the exercises that support horse and owner through the process of developing a new relationship with each other. Kate Farmer has a natural and friendly approach. She speaks fluently and with quiet conviction, it is a joy and inspiration to watch her work.

Rebecca Rowland, BHSAI, UK


What a brilliant DVD. Full of inspiration. Be you an expert or a beginner this DVD will appeal. Kate has uncovered the science of understanding horses in a concise and easy to digest way. The exercises are easy to follow and once you understand how the horse feels they are completely logical. Kate also throws in lots of fascinating equine facts. All in all the perfect DVD for every horse owner and anyone with an interest in horses.

Victoria Hopper, Romsey, England


Although I am in no way a horse expert, I loved this DVD. It starts right at the beginning, with clear, step by step instructions. The approach is totally gentle, but firm, and shows how to build a relationship of trust with a horse. It's obviously based on a deep understanding of and sympathy with horses. The satisfaction of getting communication going on horse terms is encapsulated for me in the one-rein-stop: yes you can do it the old-fashioned way, but do it in Kate's way, and the horse is a willing partner. The training looks like a pleasant experience all round, with plenty of stroking involved. I am quite sure that any horse would vote for Kate Farmer's training programme!

Lucy Rees Evans, teacher, Switzerland



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