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Our own published research papers

Our own published research papers


Equine behaviour is a rapidly growing field of research, and new discoveries about why horses behave as the do are being made all the time.


As well as keeping up with the latest findings and reviewing  theory and practical work accordingly, I have my own research projects. These are undertaken in cooperation with Professor Konstanze Krüger and Professor Richard Byrne. I am also delighted to have co-authored on a number of Konstanze's research projects.


Below, you’ll find short, informal summaries of our main findings, and links to some of our originals papers.


 Hard at work "in the field"!


1 Social learning across species: horses (Equus caballus) learn from humans by observation (Scheutz 2017)
2 Movement initiation in groups of feral horses (Krüger, 2014)
3 The effects of age, rank and neophobia on social learning in horses (Krüger, 2014)
4 Visual Laterality in the domestic horse (Equus caballus) interacting with humans (Farmer, 2010)
5 Horses (Equus caballus) use human local enhancement cues and adjust to human attention (Krüger, 2010)
6 Horse sense: social status of horses (Equus caballus) affects their likelihood of copying other horses' behaviour (Krüger, 2007)