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Other relevant research

Other relevant research


This list is just a small selection of the studies that have been published that relate directly or indirectly to the philosophy and exercises in Thinking Horse. If you know of any others that should be included here, do let us know!


1 Domestic horses (Equus caballus) prefer to approach humans displaying a submissive body posture rather than a dominant body posture (Smith et al. 2017)
2 A matter of degree: strength of brain asymmetry and behaviour (Rogers 2017)
3 Visual laterality in the domestic horse (Equus caballus) differs with objects' emotional value (de Boyer des Roches et al. 2008)
4 Asymmetry of flight and escape turning responses in horses (Austin and Rogers 2007)
5 Interocular transfer of learning in horses (Hanggi 1999)
6 Laterality of horses associated with emotionality in novel situations (Larose et al. 2006)
7 Human direct actions may alter animal welfare, a study on horses (Equus caballus) (Lesimple et al. 2010)