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1 Horsemanship and the horse's view
2 Jargon busting
3 Richard Thompson at Aktivstall Mauerbach - October 2014
4 July 21st, 2014: To bit, or not to bit?
5 Jan 14th 2014: Football, fairness and the Spanish trot
6 Jan 7th 2014: Is the "lead mare" a misleading myth?
7 June 23rd 2013: Breaking the battle lines
8 March 17th, 2013: A new start
9 August 5th, 2012: Stressage and the thinking horse
10 May 19, 2012: Horse whisperers and chinese whispers
11 January 20th, 2012: Starting off on the wrong foot
12 October 26th, 2011: 1 problem may have many manifestations
13 July 17th, 2011: A new horse, with a new way to catch me out!
14 June 23rd 2011: Backing up with feel and timing
15 May 11th, 2011: To be the leader, you must look and act like the leader
16 April 13th, 2011: How one horse's complicated social life got me thinking!
17 Quick Tips 1: The horse that won't let you pick up its feet
18 Quick Tips 2: The horse that won't stand still
19 Quick Tips 3: The tack-shy horse