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Gender priorities

mare and foal

A mare’s top priority is her own survival and the survival of any foals she may be carrying or have at foot.

Mares are not usually confrontational by nature, and apparently aggressive behaviour in a mare very often stems from insecurity and anxiety.

A stallion’s top priority is protecting his mares from predators, and from other stallions who may try to take his mares away.

Stallions will aggressively drive other stallions away, fighting them if necessary. If the group is under threat from predators, the stallion will drive his mares together from behind, then if necessary turn and fight the predator.

stallion fightStallions earn their own mares by proving they are stronger, faster and tougher than the other stallions in the area. Thus if a stallion or gelding behaves aggressively, it is usually an issue of authority.

Geldings do not undergo a character-change when they are castrated – the same traits and instincts are there, the volume is just turned down!

Of course, there are nervous geldings and domineering mares, but in general, we usually need to be more reassuring in handling mares, and more authoritative in handling stallions or geldings. This is underlined in the old saying “tell a gelding, ask a mare”.




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