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21.3.15: Foals! The wait is over.



It's been a long wait, but this week we were thrilled to welcome the first two Sorraia Mustang foals to be bred at Aktivstall Mauerbach!



1) Amaluna: born in the night of 15th-16th March


The first mare to foal was young Alegria, who brought a beautiful filly called Amaluna into the world on the night of Sunday to Monday.


As it was overnight, we're not sure of the exact time of birth, but by Monday morning, mum and baby were doing well!


Amaluna at just a few hours old.... sticking close to mum, but having a good look around!


2) Icarus: born 13.30, 16th March

Within hours of Alegria giving birth, her mother, Levada went into labour. She had a more difficult time than her daughter, and needed a little help from Nina and me. It was incredible that we just happened to be in the Sorraia area at the time, and it was an experience I will never forget. After little Icarus was successfully delivered, Levada was completely exhausted, and stayed lying down long enough for a photo.



Icarus at about 10 minutes old, and already thinking about standing up. Levada took another 15 minutes or so to recover



With some encouragement from mum, Icarus was soon trying very hard to master those long legs - under dad's watchful eyes. Grelo seems to be taking his responsibilities very seriously!  It took about half an hour, but eventually he managed to stand... and then the search was on for the milk-bar!


He found it eventually, but it took him quite a while, .... .. and even at 24 hours old, it still occasionally eluded him!


 Watch this space! More foals are expected any day now!



As always, please feel free to post any comments or questions on the Thinking Horse Facebook page! There are lots more photos on the Aktivstall Mauerbach Facebook page - so do check them out!


Thanks to Ovid Radbauer and Claudia Radbauer for the photos!



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