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30.4.15: More cute foals! PDF Print E-mail


30.4.15: More cute foals!



Welcome Epona and Batista, as Icarus and Amaluna 

reach their first month!



After our two new arrivals on March 16th (Amaluna and Icarus), it was then exactly a month until the next foal was born, and on April 16th were were delighted to welcome Tocara's daughter, Epona.


Whereas Icarus and Amaluna had both been rather shy in their first days, Epona was quite the opposite (just like her mum!) and was curious and approaching us within a few hours of birth.

Here's Epona with mum, Tocara, at just a few hours old, completely cool about our cameras!


And neither was bothered when I gave Epona a little scratch


However, interestingly, while they didn't seem bothered by Claudia and me, they kept apart from the group for a few hours. They stayed in the woods, when the rest went up to the grass field - so we left them in peace to get to know each other, and went to join the others.


Amaluna and Icarus at one month


At this stage, Icarus was much bolder than Amaluna - at this point still reflecting their mothers' characters.  He was most comfortable with me, at this point - possibly because I was the first thing he smelled when he was born. He is the one Nina and I delivered, and I was dealing with him, while Nina was helping his mum, Levada. I'm not sure, of course - but it's interesting that at this point he was still approaching me with sniffing and licking, while Amaluna prefered a scratch.


Of course, Icarus enjoys a good scratch, too!


... and I can touch him all over...


...and even pick up his feet. Jürgen, the farrier, will be pleased!


Amaluna was fine about having her head scratched, even when she was lying down, but I had the feeling that her mum, Alegria, wasn't completely convinced!


Since these photos were taken, Amaluna has become much bolder, and is now very friendly to everyone. In fact, she's following Claudia around like a shadow!  She's now much more independent, and Alegria seems to have almost forgotten that she has a foal. Icarus, however, being exactly the same age, still sticks fairly close to his mum, taking her cues on where to go and what to do.


Welcome Batista


In the meantime, Boavista, aka Dackel, has produced the gorgeous "Batista", who was born on April 21st. He is a pure Sorraia, with both mum and dad being 100% Sorraia. The others are Sorraia-Mustangs.

Batista at a few hours old.


Boavista was so huge, we were fearing she might have twins, but Batista is actually quite small, though just like the others, incredibly cute!


They are on the summer pasture, higher up the hill, while the weather is fine. There is plenty of grass up there, and trees for shade and shelter. We just bring them down if the weather turns wet or cold, or if the flies are too bad in summer.


Batista at about a week old - still a bit small, but already showing the typical black hair coming through on his face


It's been interesting seeing the colour change on the foals. At birth, they are a creamy white all over, with just a few black hairs in the mane and tail. The, it seems, the face starts to take the adult colour first, with the creamy hair around the muzzle being replaced by black hair. It looks a bit odd, as it changes in patches. When I first noticed it on Amaluna, I thought she must have some sort of skin condition, but closer inspection showed it was just white hair being replaced by black hair. I can't wait to see the zebra stripes appearing!


Foaling around


Finally, while we were playing around with the group on Epona's birthday, Claudia took this photo of me with Alegria and Amaluna.


Foals are never too young to learn "air guitar"!!


Thanks to Claudia Radbauer for the photos!


As always, please feel free to post any comments or questions on the Thinking Horse Facebook page! There are lots more photos on the Aktivstall Mauerbach Facebook page - so do check them out!




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